Self Catering In Portrush: What To Do During Your Stay

Self catering in Portrush has many benefits, regardless of whether you are travelling as a family, a work group, or friends setting out on an adventure. One of the main benefits is, of course, cost but another is the freedom it gives you to see the local area. Holiday rentals Portrush based are close to numerous places of interest and areas of historical importance. Choosing self catering means that your time at these places is not limited. For those who enjoy getting active on holiday, this means being able to fully enjoy hiking or cycling around the local countryside, or learning a new skill such as horse riding.

If you prefer a more sedate experience, there are plenty of beaches in the area to keep the whole family entertained. Miles of golden sand provide the basis for everything from sandcastle building and shell collecting, to paddling at the edge of the sea. Many of the beaches in the area also allow dogs, so it is a great way to spend the day wearing out your four-legged friend. Self catering holidays Portrush are also close to several golf courses, so you can take some time out to improve your game as well. Just remember to book your tee time and check the rules and dress codes of the individual courses.

Another benefit of Self catering holiday accommodation Portrush is that it gives you the freedom to explore local eateries as well. When you are in charge of your food budget, you have greater opportunities to experience local cuisine and to eat at the places you are visiting. You can get a taste for locally sourced foods, experience different cooking styles and find new ideas to take home with you. However, eating away from your accommodation does not have to mean eating in restaurants, it could include packing picnics for the beach or to have on your hiking trail.

One of the many benefits of booking your Portrush self catering accommodation at Ashlea Cottages is that you are so close to so many local attractions and places of interest. Our staff at our self catering Portrush cottages have a wealth of local knowledge and can help you to make the most of your surroundings. You can find out more about our self catering cottages by visiting If you have any questions you will also find us on Facebook, or alternatively call one of the team on +44 (0) 2870 822779 and we will be happy to help.