Portrush Holiday Home Rentals That Are Perfect For Pets

Portrush holiday home rentals are a great way to see everything Northern Ireland has to offer, from the beautiful beaches to the historic Giant’s Causeway. But, what if you don’t want to leave your family pet behind when you go away? Is it possible to enjoy your family break with your four-legged friend? The answer is yes, but there are a few things you need to consider before you book your holiday rentals Portrush based. The first consideration, of course, is to check that the cottages you are looking at accept animals.

Once you have found Portrush holiday homes for rent that are pet friendly, you need to check on the number and size of pets you can take with you and any additional cost that this might involve. Some holiday homes may charge you a set amount per pet, while others may increase the amount of the deposit you pay, just in case of accidents, breakages, or cleaning issues. In terms of the size of the pet you take away, this may be determined by the size of the holiday homes Portrush you are considering. After all, while a small terrier may be fine in a two-bedroom cottage, a Great Dane is going to need much more space.

Another consideration for taking pets on holiday is what you are going to do while you are away. While your holiday home rental Portrush may be pet friendly, not everywhere you want to visit will be. You need plan ahead to ensure that your pet does not become bored or destructive while you are on days out, and ensure that they still get all the exercise and play that they would normally have. If you are planning on visiting beaches, check to see whether dogs are allowed on the beach at the time of year you are travelling, and whether they need to be leashed or can run free. This may be determined as much by your dog’s temperament and confidence around people as it is the local rules.

If Portrush holiday homes pet friendly is something you are searching for, then Ashlea Cottages is the answer you need. We welcome your four-legged family member into our cottages for a small additional charge. If you want to know more about our pet policies, or our cottages in general, then visit https://www.ashleacottages.com, where you can also find out more about local attractions and places to visit. You can also contact the team via email at [email protected], or give us a call on +44 (0) 2870 822779.